Senzo Meyiwa’s Mom: I’m so afraid of Kelly Khumalo.#SenzoMeyiwa

Senzo Meyiwa’s Mom: I’m so afraid of Kelly Khumalo.#SenzoMeyiwa

Senzo Meyiwa’s Mom: I'm so afraid of Kelly Khumalo.#SenzoMeyiwa

Ntombifuthi Meyiwa has revealed that she is scared of Kelly Khumalo and further slammed reports that the murder weapon wont to kill her soccer star son, Senzo Meyiwa, has been found by police.

In an interview with Newsroom Afrika, an emotional Meyiwa called on her son’s spirit to talk out and reveal who the important shooter was. She added that she was scared of “that woman”, pertaining to Khumalo.

Senzo Meyiwa’s Mom: I'm so afraid of Kelly Khumalo.#SenzoMeyiwa

She said the people that were inside the house at the time were all silent while her family was suffering.

Senzo was shot and killed in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni, on October 26. He was at Khumalo’s home at the time of the shooting.

Meyiwa’s relationship with the songstress was a sore point for the family as he had already traditionally tied the knot with Mandisa Mkhize.

On Monday, police revealed that five people had been arrested for the Bafana Bafana and Orland Pirates star’s murder. Last week, it had been revealed that police had discovered the alleged murder weapon. chatting with Newsroom Afrika, Meyiwa said people must stop lying.

Ntombifuthi Meyiwa

“I’m frightened of her. an equivalent one that still refuses to inform the reality about what happened to my son. My biggest wish is to ascertain the people that killed Senzo arrested and for reality to return out completely.

’’What hurts the foremost is that the people that know alright what happened to my son. we all know the entire truth, even the killer, but we keep seeing people blatantly lying about what happened to Senzo,” she said.


Meyiwa said the investigating team which has been put together by Police Minister Bheki Cele and Afriforum should be left alone to try to do their job.

“These high-profile people that are blocking the movement of this case must just leave Bheki Cele’s team and AfriForum alone in order that this matter can finally be put to rest,” she said.

Meyiwa said the tears that her family has cried “are nothing compared to the enjoyment this family is close to experiencing.”

She said those responsible will want to dig their own graves and bury themselves once they’re exposed. there’ll be nowhere to cover,” she said.

Kelly Khumalo

She added that she didn’t believe that the person reports claim was the person who killed her son, was the one who pulled the trigger.

“People must stop playing games with us. Senzo, I’m calling you as your mother, my child… wherever you’re, let your spirit represent itself. you recognize who shot you, you recognize their names.

’’Senzo’s father (Sam) close because the Meyiwa clan and resolve this issue. We are uninterested in being taken for a ride because we’ve no money,” she said.

She claimed there was nobody caring for her grandchild.

“They don’t even care about Senzo’s child, who’s being taken care of by people. It’s enough now,” she claimed. consistent with the police, they need a ’’watertight case’’ against the five.