Shauwn Mkhize reveals Sbahle’s big secret

Shauwn Mkhize reveals Sbahle’s big secret


MaMkhize has now revealed that mothers have a habit of threatening their children with the world over unfinished chores. You could assume that because they are wealthy, they have servants who take care of everything around them, but it appears that you really are mistaken.


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Sbahle Mpisane took to Instagram to share some adorable and tidy photos of herself. Her admirers couldn’t get enough of her beauty, that is, until her stepmother, Shawn Mkhize, jumped into the conversation and aired her dirty secrets for all to see. Shawn Mkhize remarked on Sbahle’s photo and threatened to show the world her bedroom if she didn’t get it straightened out. Yes, she said that in an Instagram remark that was visible to anyone and everyone.

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Do you suppose MaMkhize was just playing with Sbahle for a laugh? Or was she truly going to expose the rest of the world to how disorganized Sbahle’s room is?