Shauwn Mkhize shared a photo of her as a 19-year-old.

Shauwn Mkhize shared a photo of her as a 19-year-old.

Photographs play an important role in everyone’s life, they connect us to our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. They can help us to know who we are. Photographs are a tangible link to the past, to their lost childhood and more. It’s always a good thing to look back on where we came from on life and it is always part of inspiration.

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Mamkhize who is popularly known as a business woman recently shared a throw back picture of herself when she was 19 years old and she captioned her post on Instagram: “I recently came across this old picture of me and thought I should do a throw back. As I looked at this picture I asked myself: what do I know now that I wish I could tell 19 year old Shauwn.

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The answer was a no brainer…”Babes, you are stronger than you know. Be aware of your strength because you are gonna need it for all that lies ahead”. Her throw back picture caught a lot of people’s attention hence, many of her fans noticed that she always had a great sense of style from a very young age. What do you think of of this beautiful business woman’s throw back picture? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don’t forget to hit the share button.