Shauwn Mkhize, the Queen of fashion, always picks the best.

Shauwn Mkhize, the Queen of fashion, always picks the best.

Shauwn Mkhize

Whatever the event, Shauwn Mkhize is most likely to land on most people’s worst dressed list.

The businesswoman’s fashion is one that is very unique and it sets her apart from the crowd. Shauwn doesn’t mind rocking a Fendi or a Francois Vedemme that would probably suit a woman a decade younger than her.

At some point, she was even accused of flashing counterfeit clothing. A whole MamMkhize?

Shauwn Mkhize, the Queen of fashion, always picks the best.
The young at heart icon is one of the most active personalities on Instagram and one notable thing about her apart from the motivational quotes is her sense of fashion.

She gets trolled by a lot of people about her fashion choices but has never clapped back. In an interview with eNCA, the reality TV star reveals her source of confidence saying she got it from her momma.

“I’m forever a confident person because my mom was overconfident about herself.”

Her late mother Florence mkhize, was an anti-apartheid activist and struggle stalwart who oozed confidence according to her daughter Shawun. It would be a disservice to her mother if she never adopted such.

With regards to her fashion sense MamMkhize says she is inspired by a lot of travelling and that influences her dress sense. She likes to think of herself as a trendsetter who gets the fashion pieces straight from the runway before anybody could.

“Most people couldn’t understand my style because I would have things that are still on the runway. By the time people are used to it, I am done and over it.”

She says this helps her hide her shyness, adding that people forget the personality so they focus on the clothes instead. The bubbly personality says her thick skin allows her to block out the negativity on the media as well as social media. “I have developed a thick skin and I tell people that ‘what hasn’t made me, can never break me. Whatever they say doesn’t worry me.

Shauwn Mkhize

“You can’t live for people, what I have decided to do, I have decided to live for myself, and whatever that makes me happy I go for it.”

The larger than life MamMkhize was ridiculed for her outfit at Somhale’s wedding and she had this to say:

Shauwn Mkhize

“As for the critics I have seen and read all your comments especially on Twitter, but I forgive all of you. I understand in life we have different taste in foods as well as in clothing, that’s why we have different ideologies/dishes, shops & Opinions.

“Not everyone has an opportunity to see international runways

As for those who were judging & not happy about me going to Somizi wedding, I forgive you too. I didn’t come to this world to judge anyone, I taught myself to stick on my own lane and don’t compete or judge anyone hence I am always a happy soul,” she clapped back.

Source: Zalebs/instgram