A Second Wife Come Soon She dragged him for filth #Uyajola99

A Second Wife Come Soon She dragged him for filth #Uyajola99

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Last night’s episode was filled with so many bombs, it was nearly impossible to just get up and get a glass of water because you get up, you have missed a whole altercation and we live for those.

Jub Jub knows this and he gets the assignment all the time. We love him for that. Last night we met a woman that had been with her husband for a whole 31 years. They met in 1989 and that’s a fact she will never let the husband forget.

She told us that they met back in the day when they were part of choirs. They were both choristers and because of the love of singing they shared, they figured that what they had would probably be amplified after all they had something in common.

The woman revealed that her husband was anointed as “uMvangeli” in a church they both attended and that automatically made her “Mrs Mvangeli” and that came with responsibilities that they embraced. Life was good for a while.

Until uMvangeli decided to start acting suspiciously. He started asking her shave and do things they had never dabbled in in all the years they had spent together. She was puzzled so she asked Jub Jub for help.

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When they went to confront the man, they found him in a car with his other lady. Mrs Mvangeli did not waste time. She immediately went attacked the other lady and the other lady would not have it and so she revealed that she is a working woman, striking the very chord that Mrs Mvangeli had mentioned earlier on about Mvangeli saying that she needed to get a job, something he never had a problem with before.

Things took a dramatic turn when Mvangeli blurted out that he has always wanted to get caught because he wants to take the other lady as a second wife. Shook was the word written on everyone’s face. Jub Jub looked like he was completely out of his depth as he did not know how to confront this situation.

These two had already been to marriage counselling but did not finish it. They are both completely disrespectful to each other and after having a field day laying their dirty laundry for the whole world to see, Mrs Mvangeli concluded and unconcluded that she was gonna leave and then stay with her husband. She claimed and then unclaimed him. It was a mess. She wanted to leave with him but also wanted Jub Jub to take her back where they took her. At some point we thought, something must be completely wrong with this woman. Looking completely familiar with the scene, Mr Mvangeli took out his cigarette and started puffing it away.

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Tired of the disrespect, Mr Mvangeli resorted to telling the wife that he will do her a favour and crash the car and die in it. Mrs Mvangeli left us shook when she said that he can die, she plays stokvels and has insurances to cash out so she will gladly bury him. Phew. It was a mess y’all.

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