She Loves Him: Is this Connie Ferguson’s new boyfriend?

She Loves Him: Is this Connie Ferguson’s new boyfriend?

It is true when they say time heals because there are things we thought we will never get through, but with time it got better.

Just over a year ago, Connie Ferguson and her family went through probably one of the toughest phases of their life. This is when they lost Shona Ferguson due to Covid. This was such a painful time not only for Connie and her family, but the whole country was touched as well because Shona Ferguson was a public figure.

However, it looks like Connie Ferguson has a kind of healing because she is back at work and she is out and about living her life. This brings us to this question, could this man be her new man judging from what she posted? Connie shared a picture of herself and this man on her Instagram and publicly said that she loves the poem and that she loves and appreciates him so much. She went as far as to call him baby.

What do you guys think of this? Could this be her new man? Please leave a comment below

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