Pics: Shembe Nazaretha Church hosted King Misuzulu

Pics: Shembe Nazaretha Church hosted King Misuzulu

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King Misuzulu of the Zulu Nation has some interesting new photos of which they are mainly from the event which the Shembe Nazaretha Church hosted for him.

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The images have been uploaded by both the king’s Instagram page and as well as by the king’s photographer.

The King has welcomed guests at the royal palace since taking the realm. He has also participated in various events such as when he visited the Patrice Motsepep Foundation last month.

The church hosted what is called a Umgidi for the king in which many people attended the gathering.

The Nazareth Church has millions of followers especially in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

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These images show the king being the humble king he is as he appears so respectfully towards the church leader.

There is also a particular interesting photo which shows a young Prince Mandulo as he is taking a photo of the king as the king is seated on his chair and looking into the camera.

It is always interesting to see photos of the king.