Shimza Speake about WhatsApp policy changes: I don’t care

Shimza speaks about WhatsApp policy changes: I don’t care

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Congo Congo hitmaker Shimza has defended using WhatsApp amid the controversial terms and conditions amendments.

Over the past few days (if you didn’t know and live under a rock), the popular messaging service application WhatsApp has made a few changes to its policies.

Under the new terms, WhatsApp said it would be sharing information of users with its parent company, social media giant Facebook.

The changes and the effects on privacy have had people across the globe up in arms. And since everyone and their mother uses the app, Mzansi has weighed in on how they feel about using the messaging service going forward.

DJ Shimza took to Twitter to let fans know that he isn’t bothered by the changes.

The artist made it clear that he doesn’t even care if the app had details about his *cough* underwear.
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“Check how much #WhatsApp has saved us over the years on airtime and how they’ve made sharing media so easy. I personally can’t be crucifying them for trying to monetise their app they’ve invested in. I might be wrong mara nna I don’t care if they know what size underwear I wear,” wrote Shimza.

Tweeps were LOL-ing at Shimza’s response and some even joined in with their own jokes about the situation. This also prompted discussions on privacy. Here are some of the responses from the internet:


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