Sho Madjozi is not holding back!

Sho Madjozi is not holding back!

Sho Madjozi had a lot to say about Africans Unite Concert organisers and how they used the situation with Burna Boy to fuel their own interests.

South Africa was up in arms when it was announced that Burna Boy was going to headline the concert. Especially because he fueled false xenophobic reports that were circulating around the world. In addition, he also went after AKA and threatened to assault him, warning him that he should beef up his security.

All Mzansi was requesting from the African Giant hitmaker was an apology for the propaganda her partook in.

Calls for him to be pulled out from the concert went as far as getting the minister involved. The whole situation made musician Sho Madjozi refuse to perform at the Africans Unite stage because she felt the organisers wanted a controversial figure to dominate instead of a person like WizKid who spoke of peace. She also claims that they used xenophobia to gain the attention and market the event, going against what the concert stands for.

The John Cena hitmaker took to twitter to relay her views on the matter.

She concludes by saying that artists in Africa do play their part in uniting the continent, however, they should not rely on 'corporate money making schemes' to achieve that unity.