Sho Madjozi: The withdrawal of Africa is the worst

Sho Madjozi: The withdrawal of Africa is the worst

John Cena hitmaker Sho Madjozi says that the consequences of Africa’s colonial past still plague the continent in times.

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With Sho Madjozi making waves across Africa in her most up-to-date international tour, the star has reflected on her travels and took to Twitter to spotlight how Africa remains divided thanks to its colonizers.

She noted how there are not any direct flights between Mozambique and Tanzania, saying that it’s to try to to with history.

“The disconnect between African countries who had different colonizers is illustrated best by the shortage of flights between us. Mozambique and Tanzania are neighboring countries but there are not any direct flights between them,” wrote Sho.

The musician also mentioned how it had been easier for those from countries like Portugal and Belgium to visit the motherland than for Africans to travel within their own continent.

She said that Africa must blame itself for not forging new relationships within the region and creating new paths for travel.
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“And you can’t even blame the airlines. African countries interact little or no with countries that had a special colonizer to our own and that I think the colonial language we use may be a big part of that. It keeps our ties with the previous masters tighter than our ties with one another,” she tweeted.

Sho said this watershed due to language “doesn’t make sense”.

“Imagine maintaining a disconnect between countries during this region simply because some are French or Portuguese or English speaking when our local languages are so-so almost like each other. It doesn’t add up,” Sho said.

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This isn’t the primary time Sho has shared her thoughts on Africa. After the star was accused of breaking the principles of the national lockdown, she reminded fans that she was performing in Tanzania where they need their own laws and regulations.

“It feels strange posting about our shows here since it’s like we’re disregarding SA Covid-19 regulations. We’re in Tanzania where those regulations don’t apply and that we had to check to return here. Last night went well. It rained throughout but there was such a lot of love!” Sho tweeted.