Sho Madjozi:My sister rode with a drunk driver last December and died

Sho Madjozi: My sister rode with a drunk driver last December and died

Sho Madjozi

While December is known to many as a month of fun, laughter, and cheer, for rapper Sho Madjozi it represents a time of darkness in her life when she lost her little sister, Makhananï Maganye, in a car crash.
Makhananï died on December 17, 2019, and according to the well-known artist, her little sister would’ve turned 21 on December 9.

Taking to Twitter to talk about her grief and the realities she had to face after losing her little sister, Sho shared a more vulnerable side to her.
Sho Madjozi
She also revealed her sister was in a car that was driven by a drunk driver who managed to survive the accident while her sister wasn’t so fortunate.

Like taking notes from her journal, Sho shared a thought-provoking thread with her followers and reflected on the days she found very challenging after losing Makhananï.

Days after Makhananï’s passing, Sho shared that her little sister’s death belittled every other grief she had ever experienced.

She also shared how difficult it was for her to accept that her sister was no more.
Sho Madjozi
“Grief is a madness. I have felt every emotion every day since I heard the news. I have felt everything when looking at her pictures, even acceptance …”

Sho then detailed how putting on a brave face as a well-known person in SA was very tough as her fans wanted selfies regardless of her pain and grief.
Sho Madjozi
The John Cena hitmaker also shared how starting the new year was the most challenging as she kept asking herself why she had to go through such a tragic loss.