Sho Majozi talks about the pain of losing her sister

Sho Majozi talks about the pain of losing her sister

Sho Majozi has announced her return to music after a long hiatus. Her last single titled John Cena became an instant hit locally and abroad earning her the stripes as the best female vocalist and performer in the country. Her debut album titled “What A Life” was released under an international record label that houses music giants like Travis Scott and 21 Savage (Epic Records). What is she up to lately? Join us as we unpack more of the story below and share the latest.

The artist took to Twitter to share with her fans some of her experiences after the unfortunate passing of her sister. “After losing my little sister in December 2019, i felt like there’s no light left in my life” – she said. What motivated her to keep going is that in that very same year, thousands of kids braided their hair in color – which is a trend that she unconsciously started. “They are the reason i kept going, which is why i decided to write them a book”.

What’s the latest on her career

On the thread, Majozi revealed that she has also faced so much betrayal from her team members and friends. “I’m sure they thought i would never recover”. Career wise she is slowly picking up and has just released a new single titled Toro. Her children’s book is slatted to be released this coming December. Remember the outfit she wore at the Global Citizen Festival? Well, it has made it to V&A museum in London.

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