Shock in Mzansi Mihlali Ndamase says :I pray my husband is nasty


Shock in Mzansi Mihlali Ndamase says: I pray my husband is nasty

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Mihlali Ndamase is always setting the internet ablaze with her very risky and scandalous tweets that always leave many raising their eyebrows in shock and disbelief. This time the situation is not any different.

Just the other day, the social media influencer took to her Twitter in a confession that has made many believe that she was shooting her shot to rapper Nasty C. In the tweet, Mihlali confessess and says that she prays her husband is nasty.

Now while we do not know exactly what made her make such a profound confession, you can already imagine how hilarious the reactions in her comment section are. One tweet decided to take her tweet and have a field day with it by adding a C to the very end so that it looks as though Mihlali wants Nasty C to be her husband.

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Well, newsflash, that isn’t gonna happen anytime soon because he and Sammie have always been destined for each other.

Tweeps have even tagged the rapper in the comment section telling him that his lucky day has arrived and that it is time for him to shoot his shot. Reading the comments, you’d think that tweeps are actually encouraging Mihlali but we couldn’t help but notice how lowkey the trolling also is.

Of course many have warned her to be careful about what she wishes for while others have simply cried their eyes out because they can never be the nasty Mihlali wants. Talk about drama!

But those who have always had their eye on the beauty queen have also decided if nasty is what she wants, then nasty is what she’s gonna get.

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Mihlali has of course not responded to any of these reactions but it seems like she is very unapologetic about her husband preference and while we are also not exactly sure what she meant by nasty, we can only hope that she finds exactly what she is looking for.

That aside however, the influencer just recently landed a major partnership deal with Malfy Gin SA and we could not be more excited for her. Milhali took to her social media to share the good news and fans were more than excited to see the kind of content she will be creating from here on out.

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