shock: Somizi deletes Mohale’s images More than 20 pic.

shock: Somizi deletes Mohale’s images More than 20 pic.

somizi deletes mohale’s pictures

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Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung has apparently deleted quite 20 images of his husband; Mohale Motaung on his Instagram.

In a tweet, the Idols judge recently clapped back at nosy social media users for intervening in his sexual love .
tweets about somizi and mohale
“I have an ask…to the ppl who are so invested in my love life…is yo festive that bad that ur so curious about what’s happening between me Vusi and Mohale…hayi it must be bad shemmm askies…how am i able to help bathing…@mohale_motaung babe siza tu. @novavusi love help“.
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Somizi who is typically friendly together with his followers on social media sounded angrier than usual when he reprimanded tweeps who are too fixated on his sexual love .

Recently his husband and bestie were trending last month when tweeps compared the birthday presents he received from Mohale and Vusi.

Mohale also added a sack from Louis Vuitton to his presents which fitted the themed cake he had made for Somizi which had names of all the posh brands Somizi loves. Apparently, Somizi loves Louis Vuitton, Bentley, and Gucci.

Vusi got the Idols to guage an easy cream white and gold cake with roses and gold details.

Tweeps didn’t stop at the cakes and presents, they also compared the balloons that both men bought Somizi. Vusi bought Somizi red balloons are from Vusi and Mohale’s balloons were dull!
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This comparison of Somizi’s birthday presents from Mohale and Vusi comes after weeks of tweeps speculated that Vusi and Somizi are quite friends which there’s trouble in paradise between Somizi and his husband.