Shock: “TheWifeShowmax is causing Mzansi madness”


Shock: “TheWifeShowmax is causing Mzansi madness”

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The wife lovers will enjoy an action packed week this is what is going to happen that left some Mzansi soapie lovers shocked.


It going to be a very busy week a very interesting one to eventually see what going to happen as a trailer shows all juicy clips. In that clip Mandisa is up to no good that might get her into trouble.

Audience have expressed their concerns on what might happen to Mandisa. Check the comments :

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Showmax delivered their hot and fresh highlight reel for the upcoming episodes of The Wife. Yesterday morning and fan reactions are still pouring in The 30-second long clip, includes a brief moment showing Mandisa getting up to no good and her actions have fans reeling on Twitter.

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TL Eager audiences have expressed their concern for the character’s livelihood after seeing what she could have

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