Shocker: Muvhango’s Zonke beaten up! She almost lost her eye

Shocker: Muvhango’s Zonke beaten up! She almost lost her eye

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It was a very bizarre day for Muvhango actress Zonke Mchunu who plays the beautiful Imani on the SABC 2 soapie. A viewer who clearly takes things very personally attacked the actress for being a homewrecker.

In many cases, people take the characters which they see on television, for who they are in real life. Time and time again, many of our favourite faces have declared that they are nothing like the characters they play, but that flies over most people’s heads.

This is what Zonke Mchunu experiences on a regular but this time a viewer got physical and attacked her for wrecking people’s homes. Zonke told Sunday World that she could have lost her eye had the fight escalated. It was just a normal day at the mall where Zonke was running her errands last week. She told the publication that the woman followed her every move at the mall, and then to her car.

All because Imani broke James Motsamai’s engagement to Marang due to infidelity. This painted Zonke as a homewrecker all because of the storyline she plays.

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“At first I thought she wanted to take a picture but was too shy to ask. I still don’t understand how she spotted me because I was wearing a mask. I just thought it was weird that I kept on bumping into the same lady, but I continued minding my business,” said Zonke.

Zonke was left dumbfounded when the woman with sharp nails threw hands at her, almost scaring her face. She paid her no mind because she just thought it was a fan who wanted to take a picture.

“At first, I laughed because I thought it was someone who liked the show, was referring to my character. Little did I know she meant business. I was still shaking. I just froze, it is only when she nearly poked my eye, that I realised this lady means business. I was lucky when a gentleman approached and asked what was going on.”

The actress appreciates the support she gets from fans and viewers of Muvhango but after this incident, and many others in the past, she is now starting to regret choosing this path. She has even received very shocking death threats which left her knees shaking.

Imani is not viewer’s favourite character because she has broken up not one but three happy relationships. First she broke up her cousin Thandaza played by The River’s Sindi Dlathu’s marriage.

Imani at first was a very innocent young woman but all that changed when she had an affair with Ranthumeng Mokoena, Thandaza’s second husband. It didn’t stop there, she got pregnant by Ranthumeng and Thandaza’s marriage completely fell apart. Her cousin forgave her because it was her first offence.

When Thandaza left the show for The River, she and Ranthumeng got married. But that marriage didn’t last because Ranthumeng lost interest of her and cheated on her as well.

Imani strikes again when she got into another relationship with Seretse who was her other cousin’s (Gugu) love-interest. Seretse had his eyes on Gugu but Gugu was playing hard to get.

Imani saw an opportunity and started seeing him behind Gugu’s back and got into a relationship with him. Seretse then started dating both cousins which resulted in Gugu and Imani’s relationship going sour.
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So, sis does not have a very good track record with relationships as her last one before James, ended because her lover died in a car accident.