Shona Ferguson and his wife are each other’s greatest gift

Shona Ferguson and his wife are each other’s greatest gift

After nearly 20 years of loving one another loudly and boldly, Connie and her husband Shona Ferguson are still head over heels crazy and Connie recently took an outing to celebrate her king with a delicious looking custom-made cake.
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Clearly, not one to require life without any consideration, Connie decided to randomly celebrate the top of her household and show him her appreciation by ordering a cake in his honor.

The cake was decorated with macarons and melted chocolate and topped off with a gold “Mr. Sho” sign that had a crown on top of it.

Connie explained that the motivation behind the cake was that her hubby was a king who deserved nice things! She just wanted to precise her gratitude for Shona’s presence in her life.

“We don’t need a big day to celebrate a king! Happy just nje day Mr. Sho. Grateful for you today and always!”

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The couple has a habit of presenting gifts to every other, with or without a special day. They always confirm they express their love for each other, on socials and privately.

When they celebrated their 19-year anniversary late last year, Shona surprised his wifey with a custom denim jacket. This was added to the stunning diamonds she received for the grand celebration.

Taking to social media to celebrate their love, the actress thanked her beau for being by her side of these years.

“This life journey is super easy with you by my side. there’s nothing we can’t combat together. I really like you melaiti,” wrote Connie.