Shona Ferguson is reportedly fighting for his life in hospital

Shona Ferguson is reportedly fighting for his life in hospital

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Filmmaker, producer, and actor Shona Ferguson is fighting for his life after undergoing a heart operation at a private hospital in Joburg.

The 47-year-old Rockville actor and husband to fellow producer and actress Connie Ferguson was admitted more than a week ago to Milpark private hospital where he is currently in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Sources close to him tell Sunday World that when he first got ill they thought it was Covid- 19.

A close contact said Shona is currently on a ventilator in ICU and his condition had recently worsened.

According to the source, a group of specialists had performed a heart operation.

According to another person close to the Fergusons, Shona, who was admitted more than a week ago, is in a restricted area accessible only to doctors and only a few select nurses.

According to another source close to the situation, Shona was fine before he started complaining about chest pains and not being able to breathe properly.

Sunday World reports that the 47-year-old father and husband, who is married to fellow actress and producer Connie Ferguson, was admitted to Milpark Hospital more than a week ago after complaining about chest pains, which they thought was a COVID-19 infection.

In fact, this is what their employees on one of their productions have reportedly been told and have been led to believe is wrong with him. Therefore assuming that he is away from work because he is under quarantine.

“All we knew was that he was sick with Covid. That is what we all thought he had,” said an employee.

However, another source has reported that at first the Ferguson did not think much of Shona’s chest pains because he is a very health conscious and physically fit person. But things became very serious when doctors diagnosed him and told them that they’d have to perform surgery on him.

Another source revealed that the Kings of Joburg actor is currently on a ventilator and his situation has gone from bad to worse. This after a group of specialists performed heart surgery on him.

According to the source, they took it lightly because Shona is a fit and healthy guy who leads a healthy lifestyle.

Little did they know that the situation would turn bad.

“He is a fighter and he will pull through this ordeal. Yes, at the moment he is in ICU, but he will be fine,” said the source, who refused to be named.

The source said Connie was by her man’s side while trying to run their business.

“She is strong and carries on with grace and class.”

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According to another source on the set of one of their productions, they are under the impression that Shona has Covid and is currently under quarantine.

“All we knew was that he was sick with Covid. That is what we all thought he had,” said the source. Connie referred all inquiries to her production manager for The Queen Lauren Nell.

Nell did not return calls and messages.

Head of PR at M-Net Georgina Machiridza said she cannot comment because it is a personal matt

This is how his fans reacted to the news:

This month has been heavy on the Fergusons who’ve recently experienced loss, as well as Connie’s daughter from her first marriage, Lesedi, testing positive for COVID-19.

Taking to her Instagram to announce the sad passing of her older brother, Connie sad she is happy that her brother is no longer in pain. The actress said that her brother’s last days on Earth were painful and uncomfortable; added that seeing him at her father’s birthday celebration after many years was God’s way of giving her and the family a chance to bid farewell to him.

“Budas, I thank God that I was able to spend some time with you on Pops’ birthday. After so many years! I believe this was God’s way of giving us the opportunity to say goodbye, to build final memories together, and to celebrate life one final time together.”

While Connie was still mourning, her daughter Lesedi ‘Sedi’ Matsunyane was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Taking to Instagram to share, Lesedi said, “6 days ago I tested positive for COVID-19. I’ve had/have all of the symptoms and every day is different. Some days I’m strong, and other days I’m not. Today (12 July) is one of my stronger days and nothing says trauma response more than trying to make a serious situation a little bit laughable. The VID ain’t funny…. But my “tastecapades” are”

She lamented not being able to taste her favourite sweets, but in the same breath said that maybe the part about not being able to smell her own stool is something she can live with.

“There’s nothing funny about Covid but please bear with me as I am tryna make sense of my new normal. It’s only week one. I still have another week of this. Also when do I get my senses back, I miss taste guys.”

We wish the Fergusons strength during these trying times.