Shona Ferguson made a love letter to his late father on his birthday.

Shona Ferguson made a love letter to his late father on his birthday.

Shona Ferguson

Renowned actor and television producer Shona Ferguson has taken to social media to celebrate the birthday of his late father Pastor Peter Harry Ferguson, and he penned a heartfelt message to him.

Shona shared an image of him standing behind his late dad and said he loves him and he misses him always, “Happy birthday in heaven dad. I really like you deeply and miss you usually. Rest King

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His wife Connie Ferguson described Shona’s father as a legend who left behind a string of unforgettable fond memories, “Happy birthday to Fa in heaven! He’s left us with such great fond memories! There’s never a dull moment once we mention him! LEGEND,” she wrote.

Shona’s picture together with his father had many social media users thinking it had been Ali and his father. the 2 have quite a close bond and Alicia has quite a strong resemblance to her father, with one another often pertaining to one another as twin or doppelganger.

One Shona’s fan wrote “If that young one in blue it’s you, Ali, is certainly her father’s daughter coz that’s a photocopy Happy birthday king”

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The love they share is tremendous this is often also because Shona said doctors had told him that he would never ever have his own children.

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“True story – Doctors told me I could never have children of my very own . GOD had other plans because he knew I needed you. My miracle baby. Daddy loves you quite you’ll ever know. I used to be right there once you came into this world and that i will always be there whenever you would like me,” he wrote