Shona Ferguson really knows how to steal our hearts

Shona Ferguson really knows how to steal our hearts

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Shona Ferguson extremely is aware of a way to steal our hearts. The actor is all that “another day, another murder life” and that we area unit in awe of it.

His latest image on Instagram proves that he’s terribly wasteful and isn’t aging anytime before long. Shona denotes an image of himself rocking a black corduroy, blacktop and complemented his look with the long-lasting Timberlands boots and he brought the warmth together with his fashion game.

The picture had several gushing over his look. Fans couldn’t get enough of her look and flooded his comment section with marvelous compliments. His cause clearly won him the “hot dad” title, shuu!

Shona is often inflicting heart palpitations with a charming appearance and a horny body.

How will he win all of this?

Shona could be a beast at the athletic facility. The actor dedicates most of his time to maintaining his health and fitness. on every occasion he shows off his killer body, it makes United States of America turn over regarding ordering quick foods at a eating place.

Shona conjointly maintains his skin by keeping it recent and clean. “With the assistance of @dovemencare, understanding has been such a breeze as a result of it’s powerful on sweat, not on skin and protection lasts up to 48hours – coaching sessions area unit forever smashed as a result of I actually have the supporter of #ChampionsOfCare by my facet.” he wrote on Instagram.

A healthy wedding.
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Shona and his mate Connie Ferguson are going to be celebrating twenty years of married walking on air this year. Last year they celebrates their nineteenth birthday.

As they celebrated their day these days, Connie’s sister Atosie, took to her Instagram page to want them a contented day and paid tribute to the marvelous couple for protrusive along for several years.

“Happy day to 2 of the foremost vital folks in my life. The those that outline what happiness during a wedding, friendship, the partnership ought to be like. I’ve seen you from your qualitative analysis stages, and that i should really say your journey along has been nothing however superb. You guys Pine Tree Stateasure} a good model to me and also the women, Roro inclusive . Have pretty|a stunning|a beautiful} lovely day as you celebrate 19years of unconditional love along and exquisite wedding. i like you parentals terribly substantially @ferguson_films @connie_ferguson God continues blessing you, my angels, on earth,” she wrote.

The match keeps on serving real power couple goals. they need a fleet of cars, endowed a surprising mansion, 2 daughters and their production company has been doing well. The lovebirds have conjointly had a good share of argument within the trade. they need been suspect of exploiting actors and firing them on their shows however they need close up the rumors.