Mnakwethu S3: Shona threatens Mnakwethu by burning his beard

Mnakwethu S3: Shona threatens Mnakwethu by burning his beard


Mnakwethu S3 is back and already has tongues wagging! On the latest episode that aired on DStv 1 Magic, the wife was hearing none of her husband’s demands! The husband started cheating a year into their marriage, he’s been with the potential second wife for 8 years.

The husband called in Mseleku to intercede for him to introduce a potential second wife! The first wife, Tryphina, jumped on the new lady and almost tackled her! She made it clear that if the lady stays in the relationship, she’ll leave in a body bag! On top of that, she was raved about why the lady can’t find her own husband!

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The second lady is cheeky so it was a battle of the fittest!

Just before the episode ended, she called the second lady cheap and a downgrade! This is where people stopped feeling sorry for the first wife and felt sorry for her husband. The Shona woman was deemed to be full of herself and title-obsessed!

I was almost mad at her for directing all her anger to the second lady but she glared at her husband and said she’d burn his beard if he actually went through with it!

As much as people say things when they are angry, it’s lot unreasonable to believe that she’d actually burn his beard! He couldn’t say anything at all, he was actually quite voiceless and it was telling. It may happen that she does call the shots as she said when the episode started!

Thoughts? Is she justified in saying such?

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