These are Video of Shona’s coffin farewell and his final moments

These are Video of Shona’s coffin farewell and his final moments

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Inequality is something that will never be reached in South Africa. The way rich people are purposefully segregated from the poor it is just in front of everyone. Only those who are in denial are blindfolded and full of ignorance. The death of Shona made millions aware of how the rich are perpetuating to get special treatment from everyone including the state. High-profile people, classified by their wealth and status, ensured that they are not buried like ordinary citizens. This can trigger division, the unfairness that millions are subjected to, because of their empty pockets, this will divide the country on one of the bad days.
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Take away nothing from the love and support South Africans showed Shona and his family. The nation showed unity and appreciation of what they have offered them in the film industry. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to have a power couple that rocks industries together. Their love was top class, they inspired millions if not thousands of people across the globe. Due to unforeseeable circumstantial events, Shona sadly passed away after contracting this deadly disease, Covid-19. It sent shock waves around the world. The Botswana origin man has been laid to rest on the 4th of August 2021. A private funeral for a man of his gratitude and caliber.ImageImageImageImage

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There is one mistake that the undertakers did, that can split this country into halves, as some show signs of unhappiness. They feel betrayed and treated unfairly. The casket of Shona was not wrapped around with plastics, and people holding this casket were not wearing Personal Protective Equipment, as they should cover the entire body, as per protocol of burying those who died from Covid-19. People have engaged in a debate and others uttering their frustrations. How this brutal was orchestrated, posed a risk for others to be infected. There is tension looming and people use the wealthy “status” and power, as an excuse for how this man was laid to rest. His coffin is eye catching, and you could tell that someone special has been carried to his last home.

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