Shudufhadzo Musida reveals why she cut her hair #MissSA2020

Shudufhadzo Musida reveals why she cut her hair #MissSA2020

Shudufhadzo Musida reveals why she cut her hair #MissSA2020

It is almost 2 days since the radiant Shudufhadzo Musida was crowned Miss South Africa 2020, at the glittering pageant finale held at the Table Bay hotel in Cape Town, and she or he remains the talk about the town.

As she enters the space filled with the media, she beams and greets everyone. We ask her if she had enough sleep and she or he says she only slept for 4 hours.
Shudufhadzo Musida reveals why she cut her hair #MissSA2020
“To first confirm that this is often often not a dream I had to to awaken just to pinch myself to form sure that this is happening and that i realized that it’s real. I slept sort of a baby and for the primary time in my life I didn’t dream maybe it’s because I’m living my dream immediately ,” she explains.
The spectacular pageant happened on Saturday evening, and this year it had been a virtual affair thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic hosted by larger-than-life television star Nomzamo Mbatha.

Mzansi and other people from everywhere the planet were on the sting of their collective seats as they streamed the virtual affair live to seek out out who would scoop the crown and Shudu said the finale was surreal because she kept on brooding about everyone from her village who was watching it.
“It feels surreal because during the entire time, all I could believe was ‘Oh my God, everyone in my village is watching! Everyone reception is watching.”
Shudu’s first runner-up is Thato Mosehle (25) from Klerksdorp within the North West and her second runner-up is Natasha Joubert (23), from Pretoria, Gauteng.

All three will represent the country at the world’s three most prestigious pageants. Previously, the Miss South Africa Organisation has sent a representative to both Miss Universe and Miss World, but also will now be fielding a candidate to Miss Supranational. it’ll only be revealed at a later date which contestant will attend which pageant.

The beauty queen says she is going to still create awareness on important social issues like psychological state and she or he says the message she has for South Africans is to be kind so as to rebuild our society.
“During a time like this with Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and Gender-Based Violence when there’s a scarcity of compassion we tend to lose a way of the truth around us and that i think every single person deserves a touch of kindness, helping one person can cause a ripple effect, you would possibly be helping one but you would possibly be helping out the whole nation because you are doing not know what that person will leave to try to to, in order that is that the message I could South Africa, to recollect the collective responsibility to be kinda commitment to rebuilding our society and always practicing compassion.”

Shudufhadzo Musida reveals why she cut her hair #MissSA2020

“For me, personally psychological state are some things that are not really spoken about, it’s considered a taboo that’s often engaged with to not rehabilitate but to shame, so I’m actually bringing that conversation forward its time our society needs help and to face together to confront this and tackle it,” she explains.
She says the rationale she is advocating for a psychological state is that she has had her own struggles with it.

“I have had my very own struggles with psychological state and that i come from a country and disadvantaged area where once you struggle with the psychological state you do not discuss it. it’s almost a silent, shameful thing, you’ve got to affect .”

The reigning Miss SA says she is going to even be campaigning for food security within the country especially in rural areas.

“I will continue the fight against food insecurity in rural communities because children can only be their best at college when their basic needs are met. i think that each one of this may continue the efforts of bringing about economic empowerment during this country as more children are going to be given a good chance at becoming active members of the economy through educational empowerment.”

Shudufhadzo hails all the way from Ha-Masia in Venda, Limpopo. She graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) from the University of Pretoria. the sweetness reveals that she didn’t feel pressure following within the footsteps of reigning Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi.

“When I first saw her, I saw my very own face reflected. Before that, I didn’t realize that folks who seemed like me could compete and win on international stages. She opened the door on behalf of me and allowed me to require up my very own space. I’m not worried about comparisons – they aren’t a nasty thing in the least . I’m awed to be following in her footsteps.”

Shudu became a firm favorite together with her authentic look. Her striking beauty, natural bald head, and well-informed answers had South Africa convinced that she is that the next Miss SA 2020, explaining how she decided to chop her hair she says,

“I cut my hair in 2015. i used to be walking back from the gym and that i saw a salon and went there to chop . the rationale why i made a decision to chop my hair it had been for freedom and that i attach an excessive amount of importance to my hair because if I validate myself through my hair then we’ve a drag , so it had been more from my personal feeling and also it’s cheaper, ” she explains.
The 24-year-old walked away with a lucrative R3 million prize package and she or he will receive R1 million in cash also as an extra R2 million worth of sponsorships and prizes, including the utilization of a luxury Sandton apartment and a Mercedes-Benz cabriolet for a year.

The beauty thanked everyone who rallied behind her up until she reached the finish line . She says she would really like to function a beacon of hope to each single child.

“I want to be the representative of the sweetness , diversity, and resilience that exists during this country. i would like every child from every village who looks at the TV and sees this moment to understand it’s possible for them. I didn’t think it had been possible on behalf of me and now i’m sitting here with a crown on my head. Your dreams are valid.”