Simphiwe Ngema’s thirty-two birthday was amazing

Simphiwe Ngema‘s thirty-two birthday was amazing


We all know Twitter users to be bullies, and no one is immune to their comments and opinions. Simpiwe Ngema is one of the few unproblematic celebrities and you would think the Twitter streets would treat her with kindness but no, she is bullied too.

It started when rumors of Sims being pregnant, tweeps felt as if it was too soon and she had just buried her husband. We saw simz being so upset in pictures of the funeral and often posting her deceased husband as an eternal crush to her being pregnant, and tweeps were not happy about this.

Soon after we had known that Simz is dating a Zimbabwean Model Tino who is younger than her, and tweeps felt as if this is an embarrassment more especially when the two shared how they met.

Recently Tino has been showering her bae with love publicly and it seems like Twitter people are not happy about this and still feel it is too soon. What is the right time to move on after a partner passes on? Please share your opinions on the comment section below.