Sinazo Yolwa meeting her mother-in-law! Halala kwa love lives here!

Sinazo Yolwa meeting her mother-in-law! Halala kwa love lives here!

Love is definitely in the air for the new lovebirds former Real Goboza presenter Sinazo Yolwa and girlfriend, Nolali. Yolwa has already met her in-laws for the very first time and things are looking really good between the couple.

Recently Yolwa and Nolali celebrated their first month anniversary and by the look of things everything is going well. Overcome with excitement and joy, Sinazo Yolwa recently took to social media to announce her very first meet with her new in-laws. Although others have speculated that she is moving too fast but nothing is stopping the new couple from exploring.

“Sundays are for bonding with my mother in law” wrote Sinazo Yolwa

Evidently, Sinazo Yolwa’s new relationship has captured a number of people’s attention across all social media. Ever since she announced that she was seeing someone new, it has always been love, support and admiration from the get go. The couple has ever since been basking in the glory that is their sunshine and happiness.

“Your girlfriend is all so beautiful” wrote Nthabiseng Tsotetsi

“Hayi mandoyiswe. Zintle” wrote Bhanise M

“She’s fine though yho I would give her a kid” wrote Abuti Dese

“Proof that fake hair and eyebrows doesn’t look as good compared to natural look” wrote Andile Mangoba Mthimkhulu

“Kutheni senifana already??” wrote Mbasa

Following Yolwa’s break-up last year to her ex girlfriend, it is really inspiring to see her back in the game and loving hard. Roughly under two months of dating and being exclusive, the pair is also celebrating their very first Valentine’s Day today. Yolwa has wished Nolali a beautiful Happy Valentine’s Day.

“Happy Valentine’s Day” wrote Sinazo Yolwa

The former Real Goboza presenter is in her happy girl era as she continues to flaunt her new girlfriend on Twitter. Although scores of people were caught incomplete awe when she broke up with her girlfriend last year. People were only shocked because they did not know Sinazo Yolwa’s dating preference as well as her sexual orientation.

Evidently Yolwa’s break-up last year really opened her up emotionally, as she proceeded by dusting herself up and got back on the horse. And ever since this new relationship commenced, the pair have been spending quality time together and being very inseparable.

“We brought each other flowers” wrote Sinazo Yolwa

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