Sindi Dlathu is now the co-producer of #TheRiver.

Sindi Dlathu is now the co-producer of ‘The River’.
Sindi Dlathu

Cast and crew members of The River have ushered in their new co-executive producer and actress of the show Sindi Dlathu a la mode .

The award-winning actress, who plays the role of Lindiwe Dikana on the show, was congratulated by staff members on her new role at the weekend.

In a video shared by The River’s fan page on Instagram, an emotional Sindi are often seen walking through a line-up of cast and crew members on set who were applauding her on her new appointment.
Sindi Dlathu
At first she appeared confused on why people were clapping, but the dynamic actress soon realised all the praises were for her.

Feeling stunned by the amazing support, Sindi gave a speech thanking her colleagues for the wonderful surprise and heartfelt welcome.

“Thank you … many thanks such a lot I appreciate this. So, this suggests tons , I also appreciate each and each one among you. I appreciate all the words of encouragement from most of you guys.
Sindi Dlathu
“Sometimes you are feeling like you are not doing enough then Jabu would come and tell me, ‘Ay, you’re killing this scene’, then that’ll somehow boost your confidence.”

With tears in her eyes, Sindi expressed how her cast and crew members’ words of encouragement meant tons to her.

“I appreciate that … let’s still keep it that way. Let’s not forget to be kind to at least one another and let’s not forget that we are all here on our different journeys, and that we are all important [in our various duties as a team].”

She also told her team to not forget where they are available from and what their main mission was because the cast and members of The River.

“When we awaken every morning, we are all carrying something — one won’t know what the opposite goes through — hence I make mention that we’d like to be kind and patient with each other …”
Sindi Dlathu
Here’s how the cast and crew welcomed Sindi because the new co-executive producer: