Singer Berita reveals that she broke up with Nota

singer Berita reveals that she broke up with Nota

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Nota are no longer together.”/>Berita, a soulful artist, opened up about her breakup with Nota Baloyi on Twitter. She claimed that she couldn’t manage the podcaster’s behavior while they were married. Berita claims Nota is totally negligent. She even went so far as to call the podcaster rash and wild. Such a husband was too much for her to handle.
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The singer claims that she and Nota are no longer together. Berita claims she moved out of their marital home in January of this year, albeit their separation dates back quite some time. This happened when Nota went on another Twitter anger spree and said awful things about people. She is just now working up the guts to talk about it in public.

Berita wanted to make it clear that she was no longer dating this man and that their names shouldn’t be connected. She doesn’t want a person known for criticizing others associated with her brand.

Berita hints at abuse.
Berita made hints regarding possible abuse as she talked about her divorce. Although she didn’t explicitly say it, she made a few hints that she had been attacked. She made several troubling claims, one of which was that she preferred being alive over being married. Even just that assertion suggests that she was married when her life was in jeopardy.

Berita accepted full responsibility for her actions and own up to her errors. The red flags are missing from one of them. She claims that while dating Nota, she failed to see many warning signs. As she decided to become his wife, she missed him more more. She also brought up the fact that Nota suffers from mental instability.

Additionally, Berita accused Nota of humiliating her in their house and in public. The singer implied that Nota had mistreated her in many ways when she said that she had been bullied by her.

Berita stated how, despite his best intentions in some circumstances, he needs assistance. She explained how she spoke to his family about his rude attitude and her opinion that he needs psychological testing and support.
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Berita says sorry to Mihlali
Nota attacked the makeup artist, YouTuber, and influencer Mihlali Ndamase on Twitter. Nota referred to Mihlali in the tweet as “isichitho.” The curse isichitho is a bad one. He accuses her of being cunning for allowing young girls to view her as a role model. Mihlali was tagged by Berita, who expressed regret over Nota’s remarks about her.

She offered Mihlali an extremely sisterly apology. Berita also emphasized that no woman should experience such things, either in public or privately.

Frankly, Nota has a reputation for making crude remarks about people. Nota referred to Cassper Nyovest as an influencer when he bought a McLaren in December. He claimed Mufasa couldn’t afford to purchase such a vehicle. Unexpectedly, Cassper is still in control of that vehicle.

Nota recently received negative online feedback for making fun of Black Coffee’s disability. He was told he was out of line by Mzansi. In our nation, body shaming ought to be unheard of.

Berita said she was very responsible after the threat. She doesn’t want to be associated with Nota or his insults.

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