Shocking news: Singer Candy Tsa Mandebele has been accused of robbery

Shocking news: Singer Candy Tsa Mandebele has been accused of robbery

Singer Candy Tsa Mandebele

This after up-and-coming artist Sharon “ShazyB” Masetla accused her of stealing her song Mmabhula.

ShazyB told Daily Sun that she composed the song last year and wanted to release it on her birthday.

“I met Candy last June. She was heading to a project to distribute clothes, shoes and blankets to disadvantaged communities. We ended up exchanging contact numbers,” said ShazyB.

“We then started talking. Because I trusted her, I started opening up to her. A few weeks later I told her that I was working on Mmabhula and forwarded it to her. I wanted her to listen to the song and possibly give feedback. At the time, I had not mastered it,” said ShazyB.
But she was surprised when Candy released her song as if it was hers.

“I had plans to release the song in April on my birthday, but I learnt that Candy had already released it,” she added.

Out of frustration, she expressed her anger on her Instagram account and wrote: “After sharing this song with Candy Tsa Mandebele last year, before mastering it, she decided to beat me at my own game. We’re no longer releasing it as she will obviously twist my words. But I’ll share the concept with you. She didn’t tell my story; ono tsea mola le mola [you sampled here and there], whereas mine is about a girl who is entering womanhood.”

She said she tried to talk to Candy, but she ignored her.

“I even tagged her on Instagram, but she blocked and then reported me for harassment her,” said ShazyB.

Candy said: “I don’t know her and I don’t know what she’s talking about. But I’m aware that someone has lodged a case against me at the Limpopo Artists movement.”

LAM chairperson Mphoza Mashabela said: “We have received the complaint and have engaged with both Candy and ShazyB. Candy has denied the allegations. Next week we will meet with both parties and the department of Sports, Arts and Culture to resolve the matter.”

According to Mphoza, ShazyB just wanted her song back.