Singer Thabsie leaves more questions than answers!

Singer Thabsie leaves more questions than answers!

Singer Thabsie has explained her video that recently made rounds on social media.

The viral video shows Thabsie inhaling hubby smoke through her ear and exhaling through her mouth.

Tweeps have since reacted to the video. Defending herself, Thabsie told TshisaLive that it was just a prank.

“It was a prank. There was a full video taken by Pearl Thusi on her Instagram stories, and I did not smoke it through my ears, it was a joke. I inhaled it and then I pretended like I put it through my ear and then blew out. So it was a total joke,” she told the publication.

Thabsie’s video surfaced after a tweep posted a video of a woman inhaling hubbly through her nose.

Thabsie said her video was taken out of context and she does not understand why people are overreacting to the video because it is not possible to smoke a hubbly with ears.

“No one can do that, it’s not physically possible to smoke through your ear. It’s not a real thing at all. But I see everyone losing their minds over the fact that they think I can do that. Whoever posted that video didn’t have the full story of why I did that, now people think I’m a freak of nature.”

Here are few reactions from Twitter.

A few days ago Thabsie joked about how her friendship with DJ Zinhle came about. She said Zinhle begged her to be friends with her.

“She came up to me one day and she was like she loves me so much, she is so inspired by me and she wants to be me and she loves everything about me and then she begged to be my friend – but I was like ‘girl I have so many friends and I like a small circle but I will give you a chance,” she wrote on Instagram.

Thabsie’s best friends squad also includes Yonela Mvelase, Pearl Thusi, and Nomuzi Mabhena.

Nomuzi recently celebrated her birthday in style. She thanked her boyfriend and manager, Sbusiso “Sbuda” Motloung, for organising the all-white-summer-themed special celebration for her.
“UMJOLO. I would HIGHLY recommend it @sbudaroc you are the most thoughtful [and] kindest soul I’ve ever loved. You really didn’t need to do all this for me [and] my friends but we’re all so happy that you did! What a beautiful day! I love you so much, thank you for everything,” she wrote on