SingleAndMingle: Mother of 3 but doesn’t want to be told about it

SingleAndMingle: Mother of 3 but doesn’t want to be told about it

A Lady That recently went to #SingleAndMingle left everyone talking in social media. The lady went to the show #SingleAndMingle looking for a life partner but mzansi noticed that she is becoming choosy.

Mzansi have noticed that the lady has three kids have been disrespectful, rude and very choosy. Apparently the lady has show no interest to this guy who tried everything in his power to prove to her that he can take care of her kids. She keeps giving him subtle hints that she doesn’t like him.

The lady is a Pedi by birth but she doesn’t want to date Pedi men. The lady had mentioned she doesn’t want to date Pedis and match maker ignored it. She said Pedi men reminds her of her dad, she also said dating a Pedi man is like dating her dad. Viewers think her dad must have disappointed her and her mom.

We see people being pained that a baby mama has preferences and standards. Having a child doesn’t diminish one’s value and worth. Viewers think the problem mens have with women with kids is that they feel that other dudes had a free pass.

This guy is too sweetdor this girl, she is on a fast lane, this guy must just keep left, its safer there. The guy has fallen completely for this girl and girl seems like she is not there. She had made it clear that she’s not interested, and this guy doesn’t. At least she told him face to face that she wants to be friends.

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