Siphesihle Vazi in Welcome to the Queen family.


Siphesihle Vazi in Welcome to the Queen family.

The Queen production team called out for auditions for the roles of Brutus’ sons on the show last year. Many show fans responded to the call and tried their hand at fame and acting. One of the people who made it have been announced through the grapevine, and Siphesihle Vazi joins The Queen taking on the character of one of the sons. It’s safe to say that Mzansi is not impressed by that decision by Ferguson Films.
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In January, Ferguson Films called for auditions for Brutus’ four sons, and it was an open call. In the call, they were looking for four guys in their twenties and one in his thirties. According to entertainment news breaker, Phil Mpela Siphesihle Vazi joins The Queen as one of the sons. The role he will take on is yet to be announced, and he is yet to inform on his platforms.

Fans of the show are not impressed by the decision. They were expecting new faces to join the show. In the comment section, followers of the reporter questioned where the new actors they were expecting were. Siphesihle Vazi is not a new face in the industry, as he has been in the spotlight for years. He started as a presenter on shows like Selimathunzi and has branched out as an actor.

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Mzansi is demanding new actors on television productions

Tweeps have been calling out for media houses to hire new faces and sideline players who have been in the industry for years. In a follow-up post, Phil Mpela addressed the issue of new faces. He said that he had been told through the grapevine that two of the actors who will play Brutus’ sons are new actors.

Siphesihle Vazi in Welcome to the family-image Source(Instagram/S’phesihle Vazi)

Siphesihle Vazi is best known for his role in the drama series Makoti as Mthoko. He became a guest on Tropika Island of Treasure in Curacao. Recently he has worked on a Showmax movie called Welcome to the family, where he took on a lead role as Nolo Seabi’s love interest. The actor is very secretive about his private life to the extent that his real name is unknown, and the name he uses is not his own.

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