Sir Trill accuses the police: They took 10K from my bag

Sir Trill accuses the police: They took 10K from my bag

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‘Sir Trill’ who is mostly known for being featured oh the hit song ‘John Wick’ took to his official Twitter account to share details about an altercation between himself and the police while he was coming back from a gig, ‘Sir Trill’ claims that he was almost killed by the police even though he had a permit, he also goes on to say that they even took R10 000 from his bag that he got from a gig.
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“Almost getting killed for coming back from a gig with a permit.

They even took 10K from my bag

#Alexandrapolice” – He said.

As you can imagine, this is a very serious claim from Sir Trill so it received a lot of attention from his fans on Twitter, and this is how some people responded…

“Did you take down their names on badges? Their plates location & time? I think you can fight this that way.”

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“Don’t let it slide King, you can even go as far as arguing vicarious liability and suing the Minister of Police.”

“He needs to prepare his legal team..”

“The cops of nowadays are using these useless roles to manipulate the people… That 10k is a lot! Since you gave the permit, take this case further!”

“Hhaw sorry bra. Hope you’ll get through this. Nowadays people who suppose to protect us just do the vice versa. Be well man your presence means a lot in our lives.”

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“I’m so sorry 🙏 At least you still alive, that money can be replaced but not your life.”