Sir Trill dusts himself off and starts his own record label!

Sir Trill dusts himself off and starts his own record label!

Sir Trill
Sir Trill has been one of the many artists who openly spoke about the downside of the entertainment industry. He, at one point, told his fans that he would be getting off social media because he could not take the alleged mistreatment anymore. Now, after weeks of going under the radar, Sir Trill has announced on Instagram that he has started his own record label.

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! The Yini Sdakwa hitmaker has announced that he will be starting his own record label, Ghost Music Label. He revealed that he would be welcoming a few artists to their new home and did not divulge any more information.

“Happy to tell you the label is here, a home of ghosts,” he said. He then added, “Welcoming a few people home!” and then tagged his record label.

Earlier this month, Sir Trill revealed he has never seen a cent for all the songs he is on. He has many hits under his belt and he tops charts every time he drops, so it is kind of disheartening when a hit maker reveals such information to the public.

“It’s tiring and mentally damaging. So many hits and I’ve never seen a cent . I’m tired,” he revealed.

His public meltdown saw a lot of people in his corner and it prompted him to send out more tweets.

“Never been an artist that talks much or exposes much . This will definitely be a joke to some of y’all . Which I understand . But it’s mentally damaging and exhausting . What are we working so much for?” asked Sir Trill.

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