Sir Trill is planning to make a few songs featuring the late Mpura.


Sir Trill is planning to make a few songs featuring the late Mpura.

Sir Trill is schooling people on what real friendship is all about. The Amapiano star is working on new music and is planning on releasing a project which has a few songs featuring the late Mpura.
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The Isngigi hitmaker said people tried to stop him from releasing an album last year but this year, he is just not conforming to that. He challenged all the people against him to try and stop the album launch because he said he is dropping it, whether they like it or not. The star said it does not make sense that he did not drop an album and give his fans what they want.

“I should have dropped a project for y’all last year. Think about it. It didn’t make sense that I didn’t drop. Ni**as were trying to stop me. You guys come 1st to me. Sir trill is nothing without y’all,” he said to his fans.

He then made a huge announcement which made his followers very proud. He said Mpura’s team and family will get royalties from all the songs he featured him on.


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Anybody who knew Mpura, knew that he did it for his family and nobody else. His friends spoke so highly of him at his funeral and that made everyone very emotional. His tearful brothers saw him as their idol because he used to bend over backwards for them.

His brothers promised him that he will make sure their mother is well taken care of, “I will make sure I pursue and make sure uMama uright,” he promised.

His good friend Robot Boii hosted MC’d the service and also spoke highly of him, “We shared similar stories because I knew him before when he was a fashion designer. It’s crazy because as we grew in the industry, he knew me before we go to where we are and he used to tell people that ‘I know Robot Boii, before Robot Boii’ and I think those are the memories we nee to keep holding on and keep sharing and keep smiling, and have positive thoughts about our brother,” he shared.

Lady Du told people that Mpura laid all his life’s struggles on his hit single Impilo Yase Sandton. In the song he promises his mother a soft life at the luxurious city of Sandton.

“He said to me ‘you know what friend, I want to leave a legacy for my mum and my family. One thing I do not want to do was to leave earth and not do something for my family,” said Lady Du.

Lady Du also spoke about how he gave her a chance when nobody did, “Mpura was the one person who gave me an opportunity when I was just sitting at the studio. When they were singing Umsebenzi Wethu, then he called me to the mic. At that time I was depressed, I wasn’t in a good space. I said to Mpura I can’t sing,” she said.

Sir Trill’s December was so busy that he had to take a break from everything. He announced that he will be taking a break from attending gigs saying he has been working non-stop for the entire year and needed to take some time off to rest, “I would like to apologise to the upcoming events and shows. I have been suffering from fatigue and it has gotten worse. We have been working all year non-stop. We forgot I need at least a little bit of rest. I love you all see you soon.”

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