Sithelo makes fun of Mamkhize and makes her a laughingstock

Sithelo makes fun of Mamkhize and makes her a laughingstock


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Shauwn Mkhize, professionally known as Mam’Mkhize, is a South African socialite, businesswoman, philanthropist and television personality. She is known from her Mzansi Magic reality television series, Kwa Mam’Mkhize.

As we all know that Mamkhize is a family person and the leader of the Mpisane clan, so yesterday she made headlines when she intervened in the abuse allegations against her son from Sithelo.


By doing so, Mamkhize released an official statement disputing Sithelo’s abuse allegations, saying that she never witnessed Sithelo being abused and she will never ever condone any abuse of some kind.

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This comes after Sithelo leaked recordings of Andile threatening to take baby Flo away from her for good and she also leaked a conversation between the two, where she told him that she’s gonna expose how he abused her.

See the screenshot of Andile’s convo with Sithelo here:

However, this got her in hot water as Mamkhize threatened to sue her or seek legal action against her.”Given the nature, severity and extent of these allegations the matter has been referred to my attorneys and from now henceforth they will be handling everything in relation to this matter. It is of utmost importance that we let the law take its course,”

However it appears that Sithelo was in the mood of exposing Mamkhize’ or tarnishing her name, as she went to post a guy who looks like Mamkhize’ wearing a boxing kit showing that she’s ready to take on Mamkhize with everything she’s got.

Now, the picture surfaced to twitter and that’s when things got bad for Mamkhize’ as the twitter president saw it and went to make jokes about Mamkhize saying that it’s her ready to defend her crybaby of a son from abuse allegations at all cost.

Now, people went to laugh so hard at Mamkhize’s picture saying that they don’t believe she’s willing to stoop so low just because of Andile. However others were shocked that Sithelo is humiliating Mamkhize despite Mamkhize being richer than her.

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