Sithelo Shozi sent a message on Instagram to those who hate her


Sithelo Shozi sent a message on Instagram to those who hate her

Her delicate life objectives and exceptional fashion sense have made DJ Sithelo one of the country’s most beloved female DJs.
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In spite of their age difference, her relationship with Andile Mpisane was always a hot topic. Baby Flo and Coco are the ex-children. couple’s
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Over 7000 people saw Sithelo go live on Instagram yesterday. But she didn’t tell anyone about her split with Andile.

Some celebrities shelter their children from public view, especially when it comes to uploading images of their children online.


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It was Sithelo who clarified why she hasn’t displayed her baby face, citing her protective nature towards her kid. She says she doesn’t show her kids’ faces till they’re one. So, she explained, they made this choice together.

She continued by saying she will reveal her face once her baby turns one. Deejay gushed over her kid, calling her the prettiest girl. She also mentioned that she has one more child to have before she is done with her.
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Why Sithelo and Andile split up remains unknown. Sithelo was supposedly dumped by Andile because he questioned the paternity of their child, according to popular entertainment writer Musa Khawula through Twitter.

“Crucility” and the harsh realities of this world are not appropriate for youngsters, said MaMkhize.

“I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my grandchildren.” To shield our children from unnecessary or early exposure is crucial as parents. The world’s cruelties and hard truths shouldn’t be exposed to these kids, she remarked.

My family has decided to keep their children off social media. “Thank you ahead of time.”

She clarified whether she compelled Andile to marry Tamia Louw: My grandsons’ mother has no grudges or ill will towards me. My daughter-in-law has given me two lovely grandkids that tie us forever,” she says.

I am a mother and I am responsible for my boys’ decisions. In any case, I will never pick for him. I lived and learned! “I will never deny him the chance to live his own life and learn his own lessons,” she declares

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