Siya and Rachel Kolisi possess Covid-19 checking


Siya and Rachel Kolisi possess Covid-19 checking

Rachel Kolisi, the wife of Springbok captain Siya, has opened about undergoing tests for coronavirus. Taking to social media, Rachel revealed that, thanks to the very fact that she was feeling under the weather, including the couple’s extensive charity work which involved coming into contact with numerous people a day, she had decided to require the test alongside Siya and her brother.

She wrote, “During the weekend I actually wasn’t feeling well in the least. We work with people fairly often and always prioritize safety first, gloves, masks, hygiene, etc. We even have three high-risk people reception. Luckily for the Kolisis, the tests came back negative.

She continued, “We are scheduled to travel this weekend for an enormous drop. and that I really wanted to be confident that I used to be being responsible before traveling. I had a Covid-19 Test is done (which returned negative) over the weekend alongside Siya and my brother
Rachel contacted the Gift of the Givers charity which came to her home to conduct the tests. Rachel – who heads up the Kolisi Foundation alongside Siya – also appealed to the general public to not stigmatize Covid-19 or it’s testing.

“I think it’s really important we don’t undermine the seriousness of the virus but that we don’t create a stigma around Covid-19 and testing. many thanks to @gift.of.the.givers for the highest notch professionalism!” she concluded within the post.