Siyabonga In Ukungenwa Show Reavels who he Married His Late Brother’s Wife

Siyabonga In Ukungenwa Show Reavels who he Married His Late Brother’s Wife

Do you remember Siyabonga Mhlongo from the show called #Ukungenwa? Well, the show #Ukungenwa is back again in MojaLoveTv for a hot season 2. Season 2 of #Ukungenwa premiers started yesterday. Siyabonga Mhlongo married his late brother’s wife while having his own fiancée.

This is another show that many viewers hates the most, specially that it is promoting Zulu men. For those who still remember, Siyabonga was forced to be in a relationship with his brother’s wife after his death. His relationship with his brother’s wife was a secret until his fiancée finds out.

In the last season we saw his Kate’s brother’s wife and MaMkhize fighting for Siya where they end up making peace. In this Second season of #Ukungenwa, Siya prides himself in cheating on his baby mama countless times. MaMkhize has finds Siya cheating on her with multiple people and even have kids outside. Siya now have the audacity to ask for his lobola back now that MaMkhize no longer wants him.

Siya wants a lot of women in his life, it was his late brother’s wife, now he is busy with someone else. Many viewers were left disappointed with Siya whereby many reactions have been saying that he is being a selfish man. He is only thinking about himself in this situation.

Women are going through a lot out there and the sad thing is that, they are expected to forgive. To my opinion, I think our cultures didn’t consider women a lot in decision-making, they didn’t give them a fair chance at all.

What does the law says about this lobola after break up? Do you ask for the lobola back after a break-up?

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