Siyabonga Shibe lost R300k, got fired from ‘Scandal!’ later


Siyabonga Shibe lost R300k, got fired from ‘Scandal!’ later

Talented actor Siyabonga Shibe reveals he lost R300 000 because of a ‘Scandal!’ producer and got fired from the soapie later.

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The Wife star, Siyabonga Shibe revealed in an interview with King David that a Scandal! producer cost him a R300 000 gig.


Actor Siyabonga Shibe says a Scandal! producer killed his confidence when she fired him and told him he’s not a good actor.


“In this production, I was told by a producer. I was on Scandal! and a lot of things were happening, actors leaving. I had an international advert that I had to do. It was paying for two days, R300 000.”

“That was not common. So, I asked, the following week, please can I be off, and they agreed. We were supposed to fly to Dubai.”

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He adds that the producer changed her mind the following week and told him, he’s not going anywhere and showed him his contract.

He was heartbroken when a month later he got fired on Scandal! as Kila after losing R300 000 from his international gig.

“This person says you’re not a good actor. She looked at me in my eyes and said you’re not a good actor. We believe we can get someone else.”

“At that moment, everything shut. A second felt like three years. Don’t be fooled by people on Facebook complimenting you. It doesn’t bring numbers here. I was heartbroken. Whenever I saw this woman on the corridors, it was hate.”

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TVSA reports that actor Siyabonga Shibe joined e.tv’s soapie, Scandal! in 2010 to portray the character of a taxi driver, Kila.

The actor also shares in his interview with King David that he played the character for four years before he got fired.

Shibe currently portrays the role of Njengaye in Mzansi Wethu’s popular telenovela, Sibongile and The Dlaminis.

The actor has also starred in Uzalo as Qhabanga, The Wife as Gwaza, Gazlam as Sifiso and many more.

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