Siyacela and Thando Dlamuka is happy and still going strong

Siyacela and Thando Dlamuka is happy and still going strong

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Young KwaZulu-Natal couple that took social media by storm in 2019 when their romance and journey into marriage was chronicled on Moja Love, remains together.

Siyacela and Thando Dlamuka (who were aged 16 and 15 respectively at the time) were stars of a show titled ‘Isencane Lengane’ which aired on channel 157, much to the dismay of the many viewers.

The teenage couple took viewers on a journey which depicted their sexual love during a very controversial light. From concerns about their age to Siyacela’s desire to possess a second wive; Thando’s schooling and Siyacela’s father (Mthandeni Dlamuka) who was labelled a “creep”.

In the season finale, the couple married and within the same year it had been reported that there was trouble in paradise. it had been alleged that the pair had split and Thando had left ULundi and gone back home to Nkandla. More reports indicated that Siyacela had dropped out of faculty because he felt he needed to man up and supply for his family.

Speaking to Siyacela, he said that he will always remember what percentage people weren’t in support of their union and every one the feedback they received.

“My wife and myself are still happy in our marriage. we’ve proven wrong many doubting Thomases.”

When asked about taking a second wife, the now 18-year-old said that he was joking that and he doesn’t plan on ever having a polygamous marriage.

The star confirmed that he indeed di drop out of faculty , explaining that he was struggling and being mocked by his mates and teachers for being a husband .

“That’s one among the explanations I quit school in grade 9, few months after got married. Everybody, including teachers, started mocking me. If did wrong, a bit like the other pupil, teachers would single me out and say i used to be wrong because i assumed i used to be now a person ,” he explained.

Siyacela also added that he got himself a code 14 driver’s licence because he knows that in time he will got to stop being hooked in to his dad and begin providing for Thando and their future kids.

When asked about Thando, he said that she is now in matric and that they still stand by the promise that they made to themselves and to their parents before marriage that they’re going to only have kids once they become independent.

Still on the second wife issue, Siyacela’s father said that he would never allow his son to possess a second wife albeit he wanted to.

“I have four wives myself. The fifth one, which was Siyacela’s mum, died while he was still very young. i do know how difficult it’s in polygamy,” he said.

The show is about to return for a second second season next month on Moja like to show Siyacela and Thando Dlamuka’s happily ever after.

In the second season’s promo, Siyacela is seen saying he wants to require a second wife to which both his father and wife rubbish the thought .