Siyacela is 28 and didn’t they say her child is 9 years old

Siyacela is 28 and didn’t they say her child is 9 years old

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Every week, Siyacela proves to South Africans why he should not have gotten married and that he is still a young boy because of the reckless, selfish decisions he makes. And that Thando should have known better and not agreed to get married, but love must have made them blind.

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Siyacela is now living his life and enjoying making decisions that only make him happy, while Thando is at home heartbroken. Siyacela has fallen in love again, even after her wife made it clear that she is not interested in a polygamous marriage. But it seems like he does not care about what she said or her feelings while she is at home being an obedient wife. He is out doing things behind her back, like going out on dates and proposing to another woman.

The way Thando gets treated by Siyacela at this young age is something that women way oldwr than her are going through, but they themselves do not know how to handle it. Siyacela wants to make his second wife someone who already has a child, so that means Siyacela is putting Thando in a position where she will have to be a parent if she agrees to stay in the marriage. And how will Siyacela take care of a child while he’s still a child himself who is being taken care of but also lazy?

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That is not the only thing about the Manto girl. She is also way older than Siyacela. While Siyacela is 18 years old, she is 28 years old. Manto should be focusing on people her age, because Siyacela is very young to be dating such an old woman.