Siyacela’s Grandma Also Believes It Will End In Tears


Siyacela’s Grandma Also Believes It Will End In Tears

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Moja Love’s popular teenage marriage reality TV show Isencane Lengane is breathing fire after Thando decided to forgive her husband Siyacela.

Siyacela told Thando to tell her father-in-law that they have solved everything after Siyacela went off at Thando on last week’s episode when she confronted him about his disappearance.

Thando told Siyacela’s father that she has forgiven him. However, she also revealed at the end of the show that she only told him that everything is okay to cover up for Siyacela.

In the past few days, fans have been calling for Thando to leave Siyacela.

They were rooting for her to finish school and go to university far away from Siyacela. On Twitter last week, Mbaliyezwe wrote, “For Thando to focus on her finals. Pass matric. Study. Graduate and get to live her best life happily.”

In last week’s episode, he finally came home after he disappeared for weeks. He was in eThekwini living his best life.

During his fun time in eThekwini viewers got to see his side chick Zinhle. He said he likes Zinhle because she is respectful and loving. However, one of Siyacela’s brothers disapproves. He said it’s because the new girlfriend is 8 years older than Siyacela and already has a 10-year-old baby boy.

Meanwhile, Thando is busy with her matric exams. Siyacela dropped out of school when he was in grade 9. Opening up about his decision to leave school, he told Daily Sun that, “That’s one of the reasons I quit school in grade 9, a few months after I got married. Everybody, including teachers, started mocking me. If I did wrong, just like any other pupil, teachers would single me out and say I was wrong because I thought I was now a man,” he said.

In one of the latest episodes, Siyacela’s grandmother expressed her disappointment about Siyacela dropping out.

Thando explained to her grandmother-in-law that her husband has dyslexia, an incurable learning disorder “that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters”.

“People with dyslexia have normal intelligence and usually have normal vision. Most children with dyslexia can succeed in school with tutoring or a specialized education program.”

Siyacela’s grandmother is convinced that Thando is going to leave Siyacela. She said, “When Thando finishes Grade 12 and goes to Varsity, she will meet educated men and realise that she is wasting time with Siyacela. No one can stay with an uneducated man or woman. Neither would I if I was educated. Whose money will he spend?”

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