Sizokthola: A young KZN man makes millions out of the drug business.

Sizokthola: A young KZN man makes millions out of the drug business.

Xolani Khumalo has dedicated his time and energy as well as Moja Love Channel 157’s resources to try his best in fighting against the selling and distribution of drugs in South Africa, Xolani who hosts the show which is airs every Sunday at 21:30 goes around the country after he conducted through investigations and be sure that the person he is going after is indeed a drug dealer, this week they went to Ballito in the KwaZulu-Natal Province to confront a guy who is living in a mansion and claims he makes a living out of farming and tender, but they already know that he is a supplier of drugs and who’s lifestyle tells that drug business makes a lot of money.

When he was confronted, just like they all do, he denied everything at first and after the break, he was singing like a bird and ended up giving Xolani at least 200 Whoonga tablets and also revealed that his woman who works for the Municipality doesn’t know that he is a drug dealer.

“I don’t actually have anything, what I had is out of stock and I was selling Whoonga, my woman works for the Municipality, she is a traffic cop and she doesn’t know that I sell drugs,” he said.

They also found two guns, in the house and the guy said they are both registered but failed to produce the papers for those two firearms, they then moved to find two of his employees who distribute, and the first one thought he could get away, he attempted to run but he was caught on before he could even go far, gunshots were heard while they were chasing him with some even suggesting that he should be shot.

The other guy was caught at home and he produced 15 packets with a total of over 400 tablets which were worth R26 000, the combined value of the drugs they confiscated on the latest episode of Sizok’thola was around R300 000, the saddest thing about it is that they are all South Africa nationals, mostly the show catches foreign nationals, but this time around, it was local guys contributing in destroying fellow South Africans’ lives, that disturbed Xolani and he told the guy how disappointed he is.

“You know what’s the painful part? You’re South African. You’re supposed to be protecting our nation, but you’re a contributing factor in destroying our future. You wouldn’t allow your kids to take drugs, however, you’re supplying them to other parents’ kids” – Xolani said in great disappointment.

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