SK Khoza about his scandals: It’s painful to live in this world of judgement

SK Khoza about his scandals: It’s painful to live in this world of judgment

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Sithembiso SK Khoza is a South African actor who almost every fan of the entertainment industry is convinced that his career is slowly getting ruined by his off-screen scandals. The truth is that everyone does his or her own thing, but others are lucky not to be seen by the public’s eyes. Sithembiso made a big name for himself as Shaka on Mzansi Magic telenovela, The Queen, where he was fired two times because of the same scandals.

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Most of us did not know about a traditional healer called Gogo Maweni until she introduced herself as Sithembiso’s baby mama and exposed his dirty laundry at the moment. The hype that Gogo Maweni received did not allow her to deny that she had something to do with whatever it is that Sithembiso is seen doing in his leaked videos.

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Yesterday, Igagasi FM posted Khoza’s interview that was conducted by Felix Hlophe and Njabs on their breakfast show, The Uprising. In an interview, he was asked about a lot of things happening in his life that people believe are ruining his career. That gave him the platform to reveal that he could not say much regarding the comments made by Maweni about him because he believes that what belongs to someone’s private life should stay there.

While talking about Gogo Maweni’s claims, Khoza said he is also in the process of accepting his ancestral calling and that is all he can say about his private life at the moment. He revealed that the videos whereby he was seen provoking people at the guest house, petrol station, and on the streets while walking barefoot were the results of his calling. He says he could not answer any questions about those things because he had no idea what was going on, meaning that his mind was completely shut in such a way that he could have bought shoes in one of the shops, but he never thought about it. After those videos, Khoza was then approached by someone who told him that his ancestors made him walk barefooted as a sign that he must act on his calling. He says the calling made him go through a lot and brought him nightmares during his sleep.

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Asked about the recent video whereby he was having a moment with a woman, Khoza says that the video is about a year old but people will talk about it because it is new to them. He even asked Hlophe to look at his beard and compare it to the one on the video, and he would realize that they are completely different.

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