SK Khoza is angry and wants his money back. Here’s why

SK Khoza is angry and wants his money back. Here’s why

The Queen Mzansi actor SK Khoza has taken to Twitter to place South African network provider Vodacom on blast. SK blamed the network for allowing a random person to try to to a swim swap on his number. This person was ready to access his checking account and took his money.
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“I am so disappointed @Vodacom.” He tweeted. “How does a random person do a sim swap on my number? Don’t we’d like identification etc for such, now I sit here with someone having gone into my banking account and took money from me. All because you permit our numbers to be sim swapped by anyone. F…K”

Some of the actor’s followers commented on his post and revealed that they too have experienced an equivalent problem or know of somebody who has. inspect a number of the comments below.

“A colleague had an equivalent issue. I also received a message last weekend that somebody is trying to try to to a sim swap. How can we protect ourselves from such?”

My younger sister experienced an equivalent thing but luckily she went and altered her number to her Telekom number at the bank before they did anything
She lost her airtime nd data only nd it wasn’t alittle amount of airtime
They tried it again last month

Oh my God same thing happened to my mom a couple of days ago…. this is often absolute madness

Responding to SK, the network provider apologized to the Queen actor and asked him to please DM them in order that they will check out it.

The network provider eventually skilled SK Khoza’s tweet.
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“Oh no ‘Disappointed face’ We’re sorry to listen to this and that we apologize for your overall experience. Please DM us the amount in question and alternative contact details in order that we will check out it.”

Their response didn’t make their situation any better for the star as he said that it won’t bring his a refund . he’s handling things together with his banker.
“That won’t help me get my a refund …I’m handling it with my banker, you guys are just tousled NGYABONGA I’m enough.”