Skeem Saam actor Patrick Seleka Has Been Abusing His Wife

Skeem Saam actor Patrick Seleka Has Been Abusing His Wife

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Popularly known as Katlego Peterson, Skeem Saam actor Patrick Seleka is said to have spoken out about verbally abusing his wife real wife. His on-screen character is not married, but just a normal guy, who is a chef, and co-owns a restaurant.

He took to Instagram not so long ago, to reveal in a confession that he has been abusing his wife Mmabaneng Seleka. In their pictures, the couple seems to have it all figured out, and are really in love with each other.

Seleka has since deleted a post that was captioned “I’m an abuser”, and reasons for deleting the post are still unknown. His wife did not publicly call him out, but he is the one who called himself out.

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Patrick’s wife has been on anti-depressants as a result of his behavior. The problem started just after they got married. He took to Instagram, to apologize to his wife, her family, and close friends for the damage he has caused for them.

He also said he has been talking to his ex-girlfriends, which is definitely a disrespect to his wife. He promised to change and will be taking a step towards changing for his wife. He encouraged other abusers to do better