Skeem Saam Actress Amanda Manku celebrates her recovery from covid-19

Skeem Saam Actress Amanda Manku celebrates her recovery from covid-19


Amanda Manku, the actress and television host from “Skeem Saam,” has confessed that she recently contracted Covid-19.

Manku published adorable photos of herself on Instagram this week, a day after her 30th birthday, with a lengthy caption expressing her thankfulness for her good health, among other things.

“Sooooo 30 years ago, Friday the 9th of August,” she wrote. My mother, who was 15 at the time, gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Me!

“My grandma named me Dimakato (Surprise) because no one knew Gladys was expecting at the age of 15.”

She went on to say that this was her first birthday without two important persons in her life, her mother and grandmother.

“This year, I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday.

She stated, “There is nothing worth celebrating.”

Manku revealed that she and her sibling were both diagnosed with Covid 19 about three weeks ago.

“We all had different symptoms, and some had it easier than others. It was particularly difficult for almost 30-year-old me. “So when I eventually got covid free and could leave the house, but most importantly could breathe, walk around without holding onto anything, and my feet weren’t swollen anymore, I recognized the value of celebrating life,” the SuperSport host stated.

In recent months, an increasing number of celebrities who have tested positive for coronavirus have shared their experiences on social media in an effort to encourage others to be cautious and take the virus seriously.

Cathy Mohlahlana, a news journalist and radio host, recently revealed on Twitter that she had contracted Covid-19.

“I tested positive for Covid19, just like so many others around the country. Thankfully, the symptoms are only minor (congestion and headache).

“I’m doing fantastic. Please look after yourselves,” Mohlahlana said.