Skeem Saam actress Innocent Sadiki Is Pregnant

Skeem Saam actress Innocent Sadiki Is Pregnant


Innocent Sadiki, a Skeem Saam actress and reality television star, made headlines when she revealed that she and her twin sister are both pregnant. Everyone is wondering which of the twins will become a mother soon.

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The two then took to YouTube to discuss the pregnancy in greater depth. Millicent stated in the video that her sister’s daughter Ntombana will be a big sister, giving the idea that Innocent is the one who is pregnant.

“One of us is definitely a hundred and one percent pregnant. 2021 has been very beautiful for us and eventful. We are counting our blessings and I think in the midst of Covid, this pandemic has been hectic. We are in lockdown most of the time with work being up and down, there is just so much you know. But this baby just gave us a reason to celebrate and we cannot wait. Ntombana is going to have a sister.” Said Millicent Mashile.

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“But we’re extremely excited, and we’re incredibly blessed. The baby is due this year. So we’re overjoyed. We are quite pleased.” She went on.

“As is customary, we co-parent our children. This is why we refer to our baby in this video. That essentially sums up our family dynamics. I have two sons, Innocent has two girls, and we have a baby on the way. So, how many children will we have in total? The sleepless evenings have yet to begin.

I always hear folks express that they desire twins. And I have twins. But I used to cry every night, and those kids would cry with me. It was a sea of tears.”

At the end of the video, they disclosed that the next event will be the gender reveal.

Innocent Sadiki and her spouse will commemorate their 10-year wedding anniversary with a gorgeous photo shoot in October 2020. “It’s hard to imagine we’ve been married for ten years. Honey, we wish you a happy tenth anniversary. We got through it all thanks to Christ, who strengthened us. Bubu, let’s keep the fire going. I will always love you.” Innocent Posted.

Innocent Sadiki is well-known for her portrayal of Sthoko Lestoalo in the SABC 1 drama Skeem Saam. She hasn’t appeared on the show in months, and with the announcement of her pregnancy, we could have to wait much longer.