Skeem Saam cast have accepted the #JohnVuliGate challenge


Skeem Saam cast have accepted the #JohnVuliGate challenge

Skeem Saam cast have accepted the #JohnVuliGate challenge
There is never a dull moment on social media. The #JohnVuliGate challenge has been taking social media by storm, and your favorite stars have joined in on all the fun!

The challenge went viral after a TikTok video, of a gaggle of young women was shared on social media, where they’re seen dancing to Mapara A Jazz Ft. Gaz and Colano’s John Vuli Gate song. The young women are causing quite a stir as they’re seen shaking their assets to the hit track outside of a gasoline station.

Skeem Saam

A girl within the video, wearing a leather skirt and black turtle neck, delivered some catchy dance moves and she or he has stolen the hearts of the many people that have dubbed her the Beyonce of the group.

The young women are trending on Twitter with many praising them for creating the challenge viral. The challenge has been calling on ladies to shake their hips and bums to the catchy amapiano song.

Skeem Saam cast members decided to participate in it and that they have left many in awe. Their challenge was shared on Twitter and that they are seen shaking their assets, with one among the show’s favorite characters John Maputla becoming extra!

Skeem Saam

The song seems to possess been inspired by a scene from Mzansi’s award-winning film Tsotsi, where one among the characters Pumla played by Nambitha Mpumlwana, steps out of her car into the pouring rain, and she or he goes to the intercom at the gate to invite her husband to open for her. Pumla shouts “John vuli gate.

This is not the primary challenge to travel viral. Master KG’s #JerusalemaChallenge also continues to spark an outstanding global dance frenzy with many of us across the world participating within the challenge.

Just recently president Ramaphosa endorsed the dance challenge and called on everyone to participate thereon on Heritage Day.

“I urge everyone to use this public holiday as family time, to reflect on the difficult journey we’ve all travelled, to recollect those that have lost their lives, and to quietly rejoice the remarkable and diverse heritage of our nation.

And there are often no better thanks to celebrate our South African-ness than joining the planet wide phenomenon that’s spreading across the world which is that the Jerusalema dance challenge.

The Jerusalema song that i really like such a lot So I urge all of you to require up this challenge on Heritage Day and show the planet what we are capable of our performers have demonstrated to the planet that we’ve got good music and good dance and an honest move, so quietly let’s celebrate our heritage,” he said.