Skeem Saam is planning several businesses in the future

Skeem Saam is planning several businesses in the future

Skeem Saam actress Innocent Sadiki is about to star during a new reality television program called Pastors’ Wives on DStv’s new lifestyle channel Honey.

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Innocent Sadiki, who plays the role of Shoko Seakamela on SABC 1’s hit soapie, took to Instagram and shared how nervous yet excited she was to be apart of the new reality television program.

She also revealed the women who’d be making up the cast members of the show that’ll hit viewers’ TV screens later this month.

“If they didn’t know, now they know. Meet the Pastors’ Wives. Coming to your screens this February. I need to be honest I’m nervous about this one, but I do know it’s God’s timing. many thanks all for the love, see you on the 19th.”

While the truth television program comes as a blessing to her, especially during tough times where jobs are scarce, last year August the Skeem Saam actress spoke candidly about the fears of working as an artist during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She also shared what has helped her navigate this difficult time.
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“It’s been hard, I need to say, especially when it comes to figuring. I’m a contract actor and an influencer, Covid-19 has affected not only many productions but also many brands, which successively affects me as an artist. I used to be glad to travel back to figure, to be honest — simply because my family must eat and life continues with or without us,” she told TshisaLIVE.

“There is not an option that may not dangerous, so albeit we are fearful, we’ve to try to do what must be done to measure, to survive.”

Innocent shared she’s heard stories of individuals who can’t find out how or once they contracted the virus, which for her only further proves that as long together has got to leave and work, the danger is usually there.

“All one can do is keep a positive attitude, great hygiene practices and just pray that God protects us a day once we exit of our homes.

“It’s hard, really hard, because it isn’t only about me, the person taking the danger — it is also about my family,” she said, explaining that she doesn’t want 2020 to travel to “waste”.